BabelCache is a PHP library that offers a simple wrapper for a number of different caching systems, including:

This enables you to build an application without knowing what caching system will be available on the target machine. You only use the generic interface and can rely on BabelCache to do the rest.


BabelCache requires PHP >= 5.1. The classes can be loaded via any generic autoloader or by using the bundled Autoload.php, which will register a simple SPL autoloader.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for some answers to common problems.


The current version can be downloaded from Bitbucket. That’s also where the development happens. Bitbucket automatically generates downloadable ZIP archives, so don’t look for explicitely created downloads.

The latest version is always the tip revision.


One of the greatest features of BabelCache is its ability to use namespaces in systems that only offer plain key/value storage. For this to work, a versioning concept is used, which works transparently in the background for you.

As a result, it’s always possible to flush part of your cache (in contrast to removing everything). A simple demo will show the possibilities:


$factory = new MyCacheFactory();
$cache   = $factory->getCache('BabelCache_XCache');

// set some values

$cache->set('namespace',           'key',  'value');
$cache->set('namespace.sub',       'key2', true);
$cache->set('namespace.sub',       'key3', 3.14);
$cache->set('namespace.sub.subby', 'key',  null);

// clear part of the cache


// use the upper namespaces

$cache->get('namespace', 'key');              // 'value'
$cache->exists('namespace.sub.subby', 'key'); // false

See the example file for a more complete demonstration.

API documentation

Some automatically generated documentation for the PHP code is available.


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