PSR Wrapper

BabelCache does not follow the PSR proposal. It skips the Item objects and has all methods on the services rather than on the items. We believe the way to encapsulate cache data in objects is a needless overhead.

However, to use BabelCache in a PSR world, you can optionally wrap BabelCache to make it PSR compliant. For this, the implementations in wv\BabelCache\Psr are used.


$factory = new wv\BabelCache\SimpleFactory();
$pool    = $factory->getPsrPool('apc');  // returns a Psr\Generic\Pool instance wrapping the APC adapter


$item = $pool->getItem('mykey'); // returns an Item
print $item->get();


The PSR proposal is still just a proposal, so there are no official interfaces yet. Until those are available, you have to provide them yourself, as BabelCache only contains their implementations.

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