Decorators allow you to transparently add filters and processing instructions to your cache, like adding expiries or compressing the content. To use a decorator, just apply it to your cache instance. You can mix decorators, if you need to.


$factory = new wv\BabelCache\SimpleFactory();
$cache   = $factory->getCache('apc');

// make the cache handle timeouts, using 10s as the default timeout
$cache = new wv\BabelCache\Decorator\Expiring($cache, 10);

// set a value that expires in 10 seconds
$cache->set('', 'key', 'value');

// set a value that expires in 42 seconds
$cache->set('', 'key', 'value', 42);

// bring back the old BabelCache 1.x interface
$cache = new wv\BabelCache\Decorator\Compat($cache);
$cache->flush('name', true); // it's clear() now

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